ARFF Production is a film documentary company. This young stratup was launched by Pierre Loeb, ARFF has the goal to write, realize and produce documentaries forged on esthetism and discovery.

Thanks to his experience in various areas such as radio shows, book edition or fiction and documentary short movies he focuses on his new project, documentary film production. Passionate by art and after his degree at the Sorbonne in Esthetics of the art, he conceives documentary as a form of art and axes his productions on two main words: esthetism and reflexion.

Thanks to his permanent wish of discovery and after living overseas, he decides to discover Asia. He learns japanese and korean and, by making this choice, he discovers a new world and an infinite possibility of discovery. A new universe, a world where esthetism and beauty are cultural bases. Enriched by his discoveries and his will to share this wonderful unknown he starts working with South Korea.

Since then, ARFF Production keeps looking for partners and new projects around Asia and most of all in Korea. ARFF Production does also work in France , Switzerland and Italy.