ARFF Production is a film and documentary production company. A young company founded in 2017 by Pierre Loeb, ARFF is dedicated to writing, producing and producing documentaries focusing primarily on aesthetics and discovery.

Strong experience in various fields such as radio, publishing or production. Short films of fiction and documentary, Pierre Loeb decides to launch completely in the experience of the documentary. Passionate about art and after having graduated in art aesthetics at the Sorbonne, he conceived the documentary as an artistic form in its own right and thus focused its productions on two words of order: aesthetics and reflection.

Possessing a permanent desire for discovery and having lived abroad, he decides to travel Asia and learn Japanese and Korean. By making this choice he discovers a new world and an infinite perspective of discovery. A universe, a world where aesthetics and beauty are cultural matrices. Enriched by his discoveries and his desire to share this marvelous unknown, he initiates collaborations with South Korea in order to make known this totally neglected country of Asia. Since, ARFF Production is constantly seeking partners and New projects around Asia and especially Korea. In addition, ARFF Production also works in France with television channels.