TEAM OHIOh is a series production and fiction film company based in Seoul, South Korea.
Since their creations ARFF and TEAM OHIOh have been working on many varied projects in form and in the background.
Seoul, a huge and gigantic city, is home to more than ten million intramural residents and more than twenty-five by adding its suburbs.
Of a size more than six times Paris, Seoul harbors many secrets far from what the West imagines.
This series of video will aim to reveal the different places, undergrounds or even interlopes by the eyes of the Seoulians who make them. Street artists, djs or Drag Queens, many are embellishing this city covered with concrete just after the war that pitted the South with its ubiquitous communist twin.
It is not a series of classic reports, punctuated by the commentary of a journalist. Through a portraitisation that is profound, it is the interested person who will have the floor. Nobody else. Each artist will reveal his favorite neighborhood, his own place where he goes when he wants to forget the ambient slump and what makes him an underground artist.
Between its bars on the third floor of a building, its gay / trans clubs in the foreigners’ quarter, Itaewon, or its all Korean techno, Seoul is much more than the city of Kpop and Gangnam Style.
The capital of the country of the calm morning has much more soul than one imagines, and it is its inhabitants who will prove it to us by telling us why and how this city inspire them.